DISSONANT NARRATIVES – Dealing with European Universities’ Difficult Heritage

The University of Padova is organizing the International Summer School “Dissonant Narratives: Dealing with European Universities’ Difficult Heritage”, an intensive week of training, discussion, guided tours and practical activities aimed to explore different case studies and critical perspectives European universities deal with the material and immaterial legacy of an uncomfortable past.

In the context of an international and multidisciplinary dialogue, established
between European universities and interested institutions, the Summer School
aims to stimulate reflection and critical evaluation on universities’ dissonant
heritage, and on the problems related to its narration and understanding.
Traces and processes of removal of colonialism and totalitarianism in university
buildings, sensitive objects in university museums, such as human remains,
religious artefacts, ‘trophies’, looted items, repatriation issues will be
investigated and discussed attempting to identify common guidelines among
European universities for a fair and culturally aware management of this

The International Summer School aims to equip participants with both
theoretical knowledge and practical skills through the involvement of
professionals and academics. This initiative seeks to enhance critical
understanding and public engagement on these topics, develop guidelines for a
conscious and non-discriminatory management of heritage by European
universities, and foster collaboration among museum professionals, academics,
and students.

The Summer School is part of the project ‘Shaping a World-class University

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