UMAC (ICOM’s Committee for University Museums and Collections) is conducting a global survey of museum, collections and heritage professionals
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As a partner of the project P-MUS, UNIVERSEUM invites all the network to share and answer the survey.

XXIe Universeum Annual Meeting

22nd-26th june 2020, Belgium
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Next year the conference will be organised and hosted by tthe Université Libre de Bruxelles and KU Leuven.
They are working hard to organise a rich programme that will include visits to Mons and Gent.

Membership 2019

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How to join Universeum ?

Everyone concerned with academic heritage is invited to join Universeum.
To support our activities (such as organizing the conference and workshops, maintaining the website) we ask for a small annual membership fee (from january to december)

XXe Universeum Annual Meeting

The blog of the Universeum annual meeting
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Follow the blog edited during the meeting in Brno and Prague, the 18-21 June 2019.

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About Universeum
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Universeum is a European network, established in the year 2000, concerned with academic heritage in its broadest sense, both tangible and intangible. It aims at the preservation, study, access and promotion of university collections, museums, archives, libraries, botanical gardens,  astronomical observatories, etc. It is open to heritage and museum professionals, researchers, students, university administrators and all those involved in university heritage.

Council of Europe Recommendation

From June 2010, Universeum has become an association ruled by Statutes and by the Local Civil Code prevailing in the County of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Moselle.
Individuals and Institutions concerned with academic heritage are invited to join Universeum and become members.