University of Glasgow, 11-13 June 2018

Hunterian Collections Study Centre at Kelvin Hall

University objects’ journeys: From the stores to sharing with different user communities

Universeum is pleased to announce its 2nd Training Workshop in collaboration with The Hunterian, at the University of Glasgow (Scotland). The workshop is aimed at Universeum members, either individual or institutional, and is open to anyone interested in becoming a Universeum member (for details on membership, click here) who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in managing, documenting, interpreting, and disseminating university collections. The workshop is linked to Universeum’s annual conference which will take place from 13-15 June at the University of Glasgow.

University collections are diverse and range from scientific instruments to anatomical specimens, from maps to drawings, from manuscripts to plaster casts, to mention only a few. The workshop will make use of The Hunterian’s diverse and rich encyclopaedic collections of over 1.5 million objects, but will also encourage participants to bring to the discussions the issues and ideas that relate to their own collections from their institutions across Europe. The diversity of university collections and the complex associations that they bring, present significant challenges to the professionals and scholars studying, managing, and communicating them to diverse users.

Call and further informations (PDF)

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Universeum is pleased to announce its 1st Training Workshop in collaboration with the Jardin des Sciences, University of Strasbourg (France). The workshop is aimed at Universeum members who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in university collections management, documentation, conservation and public exhibition. Grants will be available for successful applicants.

University collections are diverse and range from pedagogical models to human body parts, from mounted animals to plaster casts, from maps to scientific illustrations and sketches, from fossils to scientific instruments, from manuscripts to paintings, among so many others. This diversity and complexity presents great challenges for their conservation and their valorisation to professionals in charge of U-collections.

Universeum’s 1st Training Workshop is based on the active engagement of participants, rather than ‘traditional’ lessons by experts. It will be hands-on, interdisciplinary and debate-oriented. It aims at deconstructing the different processes involved in the identification, study, preservation and display of U-objects and collections. Participants will engage directly with objects and exchange in dialogue with conservators, curators, researchers, artists and communication designers. Group work will alternate with collective discussions in order to enhance each participant’s knowledge and skills.

Announcement, full text (PDF)

Application form (PDF)