Call for news

As you well know, the aim of [UniLetter] is to provide a wide range of personalized information about university museums and collections, research, exhibitions, interactions with the public… all kinds of activities carried out by university museums.

If you tell us about your business, we can prepare a UniLetter.

2023 has come to an end. In the past months, you have prepared new events, grants, projects, publications, etc. In November, we also celebrated the European Academic Heritage Day.
In our opinion, we can try to summarize the activities in 2023 and get acquainted with upcoming events of 2024.

All these topics are worth discussing in the new issue of Universeum - UniLetter Bulletin.

Instructions for authors:
Two lines of introduction and a link to the event page.
Summary of 2023: up to 5 points in one line of description and link [as above].
Please submit information to be published in UniLetter by February 5. to the following address:

All the best

On behalf of the UniLetter Working Group
Marek Bukowski
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