European Academic Heritage Day

European universities host outstanding libraries, archives, museums, collections and monuments of historic, scientific and artistic interest. This heritage embodies the universities’ 900-year contribution to the advancement of science and knowledge and is a major component of European identity and culture.

In order to raise awareness to the importance of university heritage, UNIVERSEUM, the European University Heritage Network, has established 18 November as European University Heritage Day.  On this day, European universities celebrate their common cultural heritage through special activities, debates, conferences and access to their museums, collections and monuments. All events will be announced through UNIVERSEUM website.

European Academic Heritage Day 2018

The theme for this year is “Social and Environmental Sustainability

For 18 November 2018, Universeum encourages reflection and the development of initiatives around the theme “Social and Environmental Sustainability” in its broadest sense, opening up for a wide range of possibilities for public engagement.

Sustainability is defined as satisfying the needs of today without compromising on the resources and opportunities of future generations and their own needs. Universities are key actors to study sustainability and to engage in academic and public debates around sustainable futures. Possible themes for initiatives include but are by no means limited to ecology, global warming and extreme climate events, water scarcity, soil erosion, crop losses, renewable energy, sustainable and endangered livelihoods, and socially and environmentally sustainable rural and urban communities and spaces We explicitly welcome historical approaches on these matters as well as activities that reflect on the critical analysis and paradoxes of the sustainability discourse.



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