Digital after the crisis

Working Group Digital Initiatives – Online Workshop Session

Digital after the crisis
Short term effects and long term impacts of COVID-19 on online collections and usage of digital tools for academic heritage

Thursday, June 25th
2 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time)
1 p.m. BST (British Summer Time) / WEST (Western European Summer Time)
3 p.m. EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)
Duration: 90 minutes

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In order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, academic museums and institutions have been closed to students and the public. A lot of us have since been working from home. As a reaction, the recognition of the value of online collections, online exhibitions, digital online tools and social media increased significantly, and accordingly their adoption and use.

Now, some countries start to re-open museums and educational institutions, while others remain locked down. Maybe, after roughly two/three months, this is a good time to pause for a moment, look back, share our experiences and try to evaluate: What worked? What would we’d like to keep? What didn’t work? What have we learned? What are the possibilities and limitations of the digital for our work in and with academic heritage?

We would like to invite you join us for our online workshop Thursday, June 25th. The workshop has 2 parts:

Part 1: Let’s share examples, our experiences of the last two months. What kind of online tools or social media did you use? Has the role of your online collection changed? Could you transfer some of your analog activities to the digital? What are your lessons learned? We invite short talks or presentations (about 5 minutes). It’s not about if you did something revolutionary or innovative, we are interested in your personal coping strategies, your authentic experiences. Please describe shortly with your registration, if and what you would like to talk about.

Part 2: We discuss in breakout groups our recent experiences. How can we transform the lessons learned from this crisis into sustainable use of the digital? After the re-openings: Has our view of the digital and online changed? How will we balance the digital and physical spheres and spaces?


In order to register, please send an e-mail to by Wednesday, June 10th. Please also indicate, if you would like to share a presentation or talk. We will limit the number of participants, and: first come – first registered! 😉

Before the workshop, we will send you all the necessary technical information for your participation. If you suggest a talk or presentation, we will coordinate with you personally.

Technical Information

We will use the Zoom video conferencing software, licensed to Humboldt University of Berlin. You will be able to use computer audio and video in connection with the Zoom client software or by using the Google Chrome web browser. Also available is sharing a presentation or sharing your screen, e.g. for demoing a website. It will be also possible to join with audio by international phone.


Delphine Isseman, <>
Frank Meijer, <>
Martin Stricker, <>


We warmly invite you to watch the video of the last meeting of the 7 May 2020 : Universeum Voices During COVID19: Reconnecting Online

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